transform your home with stunning new marble floor tiles

If you are looking for marble floor design ideas, you have come to the right place. We have the latest marble flooring designs, white marble flooring designs, and even marble floor design pictures for the living room explained to you in simple words. Let’s delve into the world of marbles.

White, light, and bright

White marble offers tons by way of design and functionality. If you’re a lover of minimalist and Scandinavian design but don’t want to travel down the dark, bold color scheme path an open concept white marble floor is that the thanks to going. The white stone will reflect the natural light that enters an area and can help make your entire house brighter. Keeping an all-white tone of marble across space allows you to settle on whether you would like larger tiles or smaller but more intricately patterned marble stones, which takes us to our next design idea.

Add some mosaic to your marble

If you're keen on the design and feel of white marble but want to feature some depth, you'll choose a mosaic marble floor. Marble is extremely versatile, especially stunning Italian marble, and may bring a shocking display altogether of manners: herringbone, hexagonal, fish scales, or oriental. While more intricate mosaic designs can make your floor seem busier, the sunshine marble shading will keep it from being distracting or overwhelming for you and your guests.

Wide and veiny

Carrara marble is awfully popular to be used as stone floor tiles. The grey-silver cloud-like veins that run through this stunning stone hack the whiteness and lightness, and infuse a component of depth into the ground. A superb idea for incorporating this marble into your house is by using large, flat, and square tiles throughout everything of the space, be it a living area or a bedroom. The grey veins won't only appear as if 1,000,000 bucks but they're going to often even play together with your optical perceptions and make the space desire it’s growing out from under you and lengthening.

Checked black and white tiles

Many people don’t realize this but marble comes in a whole sort of colors, not just white and gray . one among these colors is black. Now, we promised from the highest that we’ll be sticking to light marble colors for flooring but a method of introducing a touch of a cool yet elegant design into your lighter flooring is by strewing some (small or large) black tiles during a checkered pattern amongst the white. The advantage of this style is that it adds a contrast of marble coloring while keeping the long-lasting royal look that everybody loves.

Stripes and sheathes

Striped marble tiles or sheaths can enliven a clear marble stone floor effortlessly. very similar to the natural milky veins of marble, particular sorts of this stone offer even more variety and boldness within the overlaying design. deem our exclusive licorice marble. The longitudinal lines create a rather striking pattern without sacrificing the lightness of shade or the modernistic look. Striations in marble offer tons of opportunities for you to feature a touch of color and character to your marble flooring, all while keeping it tasteful and seamless.