make a different design in your wall with stacked stone ledger panelsStacked stone bathroom ideas are a great way to elevate your bathroom. Knowing how to install a stone veneer and how to cut a ledger stone can come in handy. Ledger stone inside design tips are all you need for that. Read on to know more.

Natural stone is one of the foremost popular surface finishing materials utilized in and around the home. From fireplaces to backsplashes, stone enhances every area it’s installed on. While stone can is available a spread of designs, there’s something a few stacked stone installations which will add visual interest to an area.

Stacked stone veneer panels are made from tightly fitted, dry-stacked pieces of stone, some honed, some with a cleft face. Devoid of a grout seam to give rise to a grid impact, stacked stone installations have a more natural appearance that focuses on the stone itself, and not on the world it’s installed on.

A strong trend in home design is adding texture to vertical surfaces, and a gorgeous thanks to doing this is by using stacked stone. The three-dimensional veneer is formed of cut pieces of natural stone that are attached to a backing and installed as you'd tile. the fabric uses no grout; actually, the dry-stacked look is a component of its appeal.

What are the benefits?

Available during a sort of colors, textures, and patterns, the stone cladding may be a sure way of adding elegance and a way of history to your home. Not just that, it acts as a protective covering on walls and also aids in insulation or maintaining the temperature of your home.

Where are you able to use it?

A relatively inexpensive decor trend, it's slowly gaining popularity in Indian homes. you'll use it to reinforce any setting, big or small, and make it visually arresting. Here are some irresistible fence cladding ideas for your home.

Stone doorway

There are countless areas in and around your home which will be enhanced with stone. This black-stacked stone tile doorway ushers people into space with style. The honed granite makes a chic backdrop for the remainder of the room’s furnishings and allows you to use a good range of accent colors, which may pop against the black and white stone, like those turquoise throw pillows.

Built-in benches

A stacked stone facade doesn’t get to be confined to the indoors; this multi-dimensional honed limestone makes a shocking statement during this pool area. wont to line the steps, the benches, fireplace, and waterfall feature within the pool, the crisp stone pieces create an up to date, yet natural design that works beautifully within the outdoors.

Rustic backsplash

The kitchen backsplash is one of the foremost unique areas within the home, ready to be tiled in any material or style. If you would like your backsplash to possess a more rustic, less polished appearance consider a white stacked stone veneer during a split face finish. The shadows cast over the tiles by the cupboard lighting add tons of dimensions and visual interest to the stone, enhancing the kitchen design.

Because the backsplash often helps create and set the theme of a kitchen design, employing a rustic tile during this area can assist in giving your kitchen a more natural or country appearance – a method that’s been popular for the last several years.