Kitchen design how to choose the best tiles for your kitchen

Kitchen tiles are more than just ornamentation. They are a functional unit of your wall because the kitchen can be a nasty place in terms of stains, spills, and damage. To ensure long-lasting beautiful walls, choose the best tiles for your kitchen walls.

We can broadly classify kitchen tiles into two categories: natural stones and artificial tiles.

Natural Stones: Travertine, marble, slate, limestone are the popular natural stones for your kitchen. Keep in mind that these stones have to be sealed and cleaned with stone-specific cleaners.

Artificial Tiles: The choices here are ceramic, porcelain, glass, vinyl. Artificial tiles are available in a huge variety of colors, designs, and textures. For instance, they can mimic the look of stone or wood. Typically, they are cheaper than their natural counterparts.

Different tiles for different areas of your kitchen

The best tiles for your kitchen floor will not be the best for your kitchen wall. Similarly, the tiles for your backsplash will be different from those on your countertops. Keep reading to find out what suits your needs and preferences.

Choose your tile

The most common tile choices for the kitchen include quarry, cork, vinyl, stone, bamboo, glass, porcelain, and ceramic. Glass tiles are almost exclusively reserved for backsplashes. For the kitchen floor tiles, vinyl, cork, and bamboo are preferred. Quarry, ceramic, and porcelain are used in both countertops and floors.

Staying in your budget

Kitchen tiles can be both expensive or cheap. The inexpensive options include vinyl and linoleum tiles, while something like custom-designed ceramic tiles can be very expensive. So, it is important to determine your budget before proceeding to any further details about your kitchen tiles.

Choose what suits you

Your kitchen tiles should always be sturdy. They have to withstand a lot of spills and messes, stains, heavy foot traffic, and a lot of wear and tear in general. For your floor, always choose tiles specifically for floors and not walls. Wondering how to choose kitchen wall tiles? Wall tiles will be very slippery and extremely dangerous for you and your family. You can choose traditional ceramic tiles for the floor, or go for a more sophisticated look with quarry tiles, which is also more expensive.

The backsplash

The backsplash is one place in your kitchen where you can let your creativity flow. A good idea is investing your time and efforts in a DIY mosaic backsplash. Other options include glass, metal, porcelain, ceramic, or stone. For the countertops, ceramic tiles are a good option as they can withstand high heat and are very easy to clean.


Always choose tiles of a color that go with the mood of the room. For small spaces, it is recommended to have bright colors. If you have a bigger kitchen, you can experiment with dark colors and different contrasts. In a typical kitchen, the backsplash catches all the attention, so let the rest of the colors compliment and highlight the backsplash.

Whichever option you choose for your kitchen wall and floor tiles, always remember to maintain and clean them properly for durability. Your tiles define your house. Always make a choice that best suits your unique tastes and preferences.