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To top it up, our guide with mirrors for fireplace mantel and what size wreath over fireplace should be incorporated will take your mantel game to the next level. Keep reading to find out.

Create a default setup for your mantel

Just like the default setting on your computer, create a mantel that you simply can't fall back on time and time again.

It might take some thinking and add and editing over and over to urge a glance you're keen on. But oh, it’s so worth it!

But don’t “set it and forget it”! The sweetness of a mantel is that with just a couple of tweaks you'll use your default setting all year long! Keep it fresh.

Know your style

Because a mantel may be a focus it sets the tone and mood for the remainder of your room. you would like it to be the simplest example of your decorating style!

It is so important to understand your decorating style! it'll make every decorating decision you create easier and can prevent numerous headaches and much cash because you'll know what is going to work and won’t add every part of your house!

Less is more

This seems to be our mantra when it involves decorating almost everything in our homes!

This decorating mantra and mindset functions every time!

On a mantel, little things stray, and many things tend to form for a cluttered look! an excessive amount of an honest thing isn't good at all! Our eyes need a touch of negative space! A mantel will look better if there's a touch of spice!

Think about using fewer and larger items to make the right search for your mantel.

Add balance

Balancing decor is one of the foremost elementary essentials of decorating. And are some things we'd like to believe once we decorate a mantel!

Balance isn't always symmetry! consider a scale! Balanced is when the items placed on one side of the size are equal or almost adequate to the opposite side. Our eyes love balance. The simplest thanks to confirming a mantel are attractive is to balance one side of it with the other!

The asymmetrical decor is usually balanced.

Varying heights

One of the foremost important belongings you can do when decorating a mantel is to assist your eye move from one surface to a different one across your mantel. Varying the peak of things on a mantel makes it interesting!

Layering your mantel

Layering is one key to a shocking mantel. If your mantel looks a touch uninteresting try putting something on the wall behind. Don’t just believe what you'll increase the mantel itself.

you've got an entire wall of prime decorating land to figure with too! albeit your mantel is extremely narrow like mine you'll use the wall behind the mantel to feature depth and interest! The layer up against the wall should be the highest decor element on your mantel! think twice about what you hang or lean because of the background layer for your mantel.