With time, tiling will become more and more popular. People are beginning to understand that tiling, whether for flooring or wall decorations, can, in some cases, be a financially advantageous choice. Depending on your preferences and taste, there are a wide variety of tile selections available. If you want to give your home a fashionable appeal, you can use glossy tiles, or if sophisticated and rustic is more your style, choose matte tiles.

When it comes to tiles, there are countless design options. You're set to go once you decide on your favorite color and style. Tiles transform your space like never before. Each place might have a distinct tile with a separate set of features. There are particular tiles that are appropriate for use in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as tiles made to be put outdoors and survive harsh weather conditions. Heavy-duty tiles fall within this group.

For this reason, these tiles are referred to as heavy-duty tiles. They are strong enough to endure practically everything that is thrown at them. We'll discuss regions and rooms in this article where heavy-duty tiles work perfectly. These places call for a combination of durability, originality, longevity, and little maintenance. Let's start with the list right away!

Parking Lot Tiles

Look for parking spot tile solutions that are anti-skid, have a good grip, are strong enough to resist heavy foot traffic, and can support users in maintaining a firm grip on the floor. It ought to be capable of carrying a big load while continuing to be water- and scratch-resistant. These tiles are appropriate for usage in gyms, malls, industries, warehouses, and similar locations. When it comes to fitting this kind of criteria, Tilesbay offers the appropriate tiles. For any such setting, robust tile lines like Sahara, Canto, and Rhino are appropriate. If you want to floor any outdoor space, look at the ranges on our website.

Communal Gardens and Parks

Public parks are a typical feature of colonies and housing cooperatives. These areas are used by people for exercise, strolling, running, and just relaxing in the open while breathing in some fresh air. The proper kind of flooring and tiles that can offer a safe path for all those activities is one thing that these parks desperately need. Only if the flooring or walking path is made of tiles that offer a good grip, are anti-skid, and are simple to maintain will all the exercises that take place in these parks be feasible.

Tiles for Pedestrian Pathways

India has a hot temperature, and pedestrian pathways are subject to all kinds of weather. Sahara and Rhino tile ranges from Tilesbay can tolerate extreme heat without deteriorating, even when exposed to harsh solar rays and unfavorable weather conditions.

The heavy-duty tile collections that Tilesbay offers are thicker than regular tiles. The additional thickness gives the tiles strength, robustness, and toughness so they can support any type of burden and endure inclement weather.

All of these functions have been blended by Tilesbay with a stylish appearance and feel. These tiles are increasingly gaining popularity as an alternative for many heavy-duty flooring projects since they are available in a wide range of gorgeous natural tones.

A near-permanent solution to all flooring issues can be achieved by installing these in industrial zones, recreation centers, factories, warehouses, mall facade areas, academic institutions, as well as other outdoor locations.


Tiles are a great way to update your home and add a little flair without the hassle. We created this blog post to help you create your own stylish tiles in your home. We feel that the best way to protect your tiles from daily wear and tear is to make them heavy-duty. The best way to make your tiles heavy-duty is to install tiles with a high density. Our blog post focused specifically on how they can help with intensive usage and with construction projects.