design tips to patio living to the southern outdoor oasis

Outdoor patio designs can be confusing. Everyone seems to be on the search for small outdoor living space ideas, patio decor ideas, southern porch decorating ideas, backyard living space ideas, and also outdoor living space designs. Well, fret not, because down below all your answers will be found. Read on to find out!

Small patio ideas

You don't need an expansive backyard to make a beautiful patio. With the proper planning and pieces, even a little space can become an outside retreat. First, ensure privacy by choosing a neighborhood alongside your house or fence, or consider adding a trellis for a more secluded feel. Then furnish the patio space with a group of chairs and a table with an umbrella. If you're working with limited square footage, consider a bistro table set. Add an outside rug and mounted lanterns to amplify the comfortable atmosphere.

Patio lighting ideas

Ensure you can continue enjoying your patio well past sunset with the proper exterior lighting. String lights draped across a covered patio can help cotton up outdoor spaces after dark. Attach the lights securely so that they stay awake throughout the year.

Outdoor patio bar

Add an outside bar to your backyard patio so you'll spend warm summer evenings kicking back with a cool beverage. Although this patio idea might sound luxurious, you'll easily put together a DIY version with cement blocks and wood boards. Add outdoor chairs or stools at counter-height and an umbrella to finish the setup.

Add a hearth

Create a comfortable gathering spot for friends and family by incorporating a fireplace feature into your patio design. Planter boxes crammed with colorful succulents and cacti frame the seating of this paver patio. Adirondack chairs with colorful pillows offer a spot to take a seat back and relax while roasting marshmallows. Make certain to seem up your city's regulations around fire pits before purchasing or installing them.

Unused space patios

Convert underutilized areas in your landscape into welcoming patios. Add cozy appeal with handsome furnishings, vibrant fabrics, and beautifully planted containers. you'll build a patio space anywhere you'll create a floor from brick, flagstones, wood chips, or gravel.

Create a comfortable patio

Everyone needs a solitary spot for sharing quiet conversations with a lover or kicking back with an honest book. To make a purposeful patio, you only need a couple of cushy chairs and a table for resting drinks or books. Arrange these pieces during a lushly planted garden and add them during a water feature for even more charm.

Peaceful patio ideas

Patios should be retreats that provide a peaceful respite from everyday stress. choose neutral color palettes, spare furniture arrangements, and plentiful plantings to fashion serene scenes that match your relaxing and entertaining needs. Keep it low-maintenance by opting for weatherproof furniture and fabrics and cultivating a garden from container plantings.

Colorful patio decor

A splash of color can instantly give your patio a personality boost. Consider painting wood furniture during a favorite hue to feature contrast and energy to space. For the simplest finish, make certain to settle on primer and paint that's intended for exterior use.