decor your walls with ledger panel forget paints

Modern stone walls can be accented with various types of stone for interior walls. A stacked stone accent wall can be the one to work for you if you are looking for something a little less common and more innovative. Whether you are looking for interior stone wall ideas or exterior stone accent wall ideas, we are here to help you get started.

Homeowners are always searching for new changes to their design, and it immediately gives your room a punch of added character when you select stacked stone walls for your home.

Traditionally, the go-to for a statement wall has been a stacked stone fireplace or backsplash, but designers are deploying bold new multi-colored and textured items in exciting ways these days.

A stacked stone wall, after all, makes more impact than painting or sculpture, which is why more and more homeowners are starting to take the plunge.

Ledger Stone, what's that?

Ledger stone looks like regular stone and is often made of natural stone pieces. Presently, ledger stone is commonly made of a mixture of pigments of concrete, stone, and iron-oxide mixed together in molds formed from the contours of real stones. And the final product is filled with color that runs throughout, by vibrating certain molds during the development process.

Like stone veneers, stone ledger panels, and stacked stone, Ledger stone often goes by various names.

Ledger Stone's Pros

Versatility Value

In several sizes, shapes, and colors, Ledger stone comes in. It provides greater flexibility with almost every shape and color that you might want to go with your home's decor style compared to the limited choices of natural stone.

Lightweight & Cost-effective

Stone ledger panels are lighter and simpler to manufacture than real stone due to the ingredients used to make ledger stone, which makes you and your wallet happy. Also, being lightweight gives you more opportunities as to where you want it to be mounted and how.