Marble has always been a favored and approved choice in building and construction projects around the world for centuries. It has been widely used in palaces, monuments, and well-crafted luxurious interiors. But every coin has two sides, so here is the ultimate layout of pros and cons before deciding upon marble flooring. 

Marble flooring living room: The biggest desirable factor for marble flooring is its elegant and royal appearance and look. It instantly uplifts and elevates the space. The multiple colors, patterns, and mixes available make it distinct. So the usage of marble flooring in the living room is a good idea to cater to a classy and chic theme. The polished, smooth and shimmering surface, if taken proper care of, would last long. It can easily break, crack or stain, so keeping an extra box of marble would be handy if replacement is required. 

Marble flooring bedroom: The durability, weather-resistant, and elegance provider - marble, can be an ideal choice for a bedroom. It breaks the monotony and provides a graceful and sophisticated look to the resting room, after a long tiring day. 

Marble flooring kitchen: Marble has the characteristic of staining easily. Hence the space for food preparation which is essentially the kitchen can stain and provide an unhygienic and mucky look. Marble has a basic pH and can therefore cause chemical reactions in contact with acidic substances and food items. Also unlike other natural stones, it is a softer natural stone, and thereafter it is not scratch-proof. Dropping sharp items could lead to permanent damage to the display. On a functional level, marble flooring is not the best option to be used as kitchen flooring or countertops; but for the look’s sake, marble flooring remains unmatchable. 

Marble flooring bathroom: Smooth and shiny polished marble floors provide an expensive look to the washing and bathroom area. But marble flooring can be extremely slippery and lead to skidding. Now, this slip can even be fatal. The brittle nature of marble makes it unsuitable for bathrooms. Marble also gives cold underfoot. Making it inconvenient and uncomfortable during colder months. 

Marble flooring resale value: Marble adds to real estate value. Buyers often consider a marble flooring house to be well invested and a higher return of investment can be achieved through it. Also, marble flooring in proper condition ensures essential care and protection taken by the previous residents. Marble being an expensive sedimentary natural stone adds to the value amount during the sale. While in use, marble should regularly be sealed to resist corrosion. 

Marble maintenance: Undoubtedly marble requires a fair amount of care and attention. While maintenance and cleaning, it could be done like any other natural stone through regular sweeping and mopping but the most crucial thing to be kept in mind is, to never allow water to stand or puddle over a marble surface for a long period of time. Because of the porous and brittle nature of marble, water could destroy the expensive layout.