Mirrors, whether on hinged wardrobe doors or sliding cabinet doors, will make your room appear larger. So, if you want a design that is both stylish and useful, a wardrobe with a mirror is the perfect option. You may always rent a wardrobe with a mirror if you don't want to buy one. But, before you do that, have a look at the wardrobe designs with mirrors below.

  1. Aluminium-framed mirror

The mirror and aluminum frames work together to provide a sleek aesthetic. To effectively hide the wall, most homeowners opt for rectangular wardrobes. This design, on the other hand, allows you to conserve space that would otherwise be taken up by a separate mirror.


  1. Mirror doors with a black base

Although most people prefer brighter hues in their bedrooms, black interiors are highly popular among teenagers. The mirror appears to be a captivating work of art due to its dark tone. You may call it the greatest bedroom wardrobe design with a mirror by putting lighting to the top since it looks that good.


  1. Wood and mirrors are used in this design

Wood, as a material, allows you to express yourself. As a result, combining it with a mirror may offer you a classic aesthetic as well as a modern appeal. If your room's décor contains a lot of woodwork, you should go with this design to match it.


  1. Design of a 3D rendering

On the mirror, 3D rendering may be utilized to create a variety of designs. You may choose a design for the wardrobe door, such as flowers and leaves, which are popular for mirrors and laminates.


  1. A single full-length mirror is used in the design

You may combine the mirror with other panels if you don't want to utilize a huge mirror. Use fiber, wood, steel, or any other solid material that looks well in your space. The mirror now functions as a dresser and has a simple appearance.



Mirrored bedroom wardrobe ideas give a lot of value to your design and décor. They add a sleek, modern, and beautiful aesthetic to your room while also providing usefulness. Mirrored surfaces complement current and minimalistic design styles.